Option to ignore duplicates during import action


We have import actions to lists where we have and expect duplicates.  We receive the ‘Another row has been processed with this key’ error because we are loading list items that already exist.  Given the way we are processing the data, this error is unavoidable.  Our automation saves all the error logs and due to these duplicates, the error logs are large.  This adds space to the folder where we save the files and an increase in time to download the detail logs.  We would like a feature option on the imports that would give you the option to suppress these errors.  By having this option, the error logs would be smaller and more user friendly to find any unexpected errors.

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  • Miran
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  • This would be fantastic. I run into this issue on every implementation I run. It is possible to design around it, but it takes extra space and material performance trade-offs to do so. The more direct and simpler route would be to make this error turn off.

    In fact, I would go one further: This is never an error. I have never, in 5+ years of implementing Anaplan, seen this be a true error. We should not be using Anaplan as a data validation tool for source data, which is, ostensibly, the sole purpose of throwing this error at all (multiple identical keys in the same import source), though it is rarely used in that sort of structure.

  • Status changed to: In Review

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