The Anaplan Way - Badges

Hi ,


I have already completed The Anaplan Way.
what is the process to get add "the Anaplan way" badges in my profile.






  • Hi @ramjeegupta02 


    The anaplan way badge will show if your community login is linked to your anaplan learning profile. 


    Also I believe that your Partner Business Partner from Anaplan will be able to verify this for you too. 


    If all fails its also worth contacting 



  • Hey Ramjee,


    I believe your instructor [for the AW course] requests that the community page adds the badge to your individual profiles, once you've completed your course. If you completed it recently you may have to wait a few days before seeing the badge appear on your profile!

    If you completed the course a while ago, you might want to contact your instructor or support?


    Hope this helps!


  • Hi 


    Can I directly tag to support team for my request.




  • I believe you can! They have ability to see your account and then contact any admins who can make the change request. 

  • @ramjeegupta02 Ramjee,


    I found this for you:

    If you believe that your account is missing specific permissions or designations, such as the Partner label (for Anaplan Partners) or The Anaplan Way Certified badge (for completing The Anaplan Way training), please contact


  • Ok, I will check with them. thanks