An action to export Dashboard as PDF

I exported a dashboard in PDF format using the Export option. 

It will be really helpful if this an action that can be  published to the  dashboard. 

So that business users will not have  to go through all settings and all.



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  • モデルのサポートはアクションに登録できますが、ダッシュボードのPDF出力をアクションに登録することができません。


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  • I too would like to be able to create an action to export a dashboard so that we don't have to train users to edit the setting each time.  Has anyone been able to find a solution?




  • This has also been raised by my users, in addition to setting the export settings as a "default". 

  • We too have a use case for this.  It would be great to have this as an action that can be published to a dashboard. 

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