Show 'referenced by' also for saved views

We use frequently saved views to import data from a source module into a list or other modules.


A great challenge is to understand where these saved views are used, it is particularly challenging when you import data across models. The only current way is to go through the import sources of each model or use the business map. However, both doesn't offer a user friendly option if you have many models connected (like with the Data Hub).


As a model builder I would like to see a'referenced by' for each saved view to efficiently maintain data lineage, assess the impact of changes and manage imports across models. This could be developed as an additional tab in the modules section. Look and feel can be similar to the Import data sources (which are also across models).

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  • Absolutely crucial IMHO.


    I would also like Anaplan to automatically save views and  graphs as they are published on dashboards - I'm sure there are existing ideas for these type of requests.

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  • What a great idea! Being able to see where a view is referenced would help also with audit and continue developing on existing model.

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  • Hi @PhilippErkinger 


    I am not sure if would be very readable the "referenced by" of the sources or how can be organized, but I support this because it would be really helpful to be blocked from the deletion of a "saved view" if it is used as a source in an import action, especially when it is used in a cross model integration. 


    Now, the only way is to organize the saved views with a naming convention that would indicate it is a source in some integration.

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  • Great idea @dgregs  - also has been raised here;



    @Miran  can we please merge ideas?


    Hoping we can see this idea implemented soon!

  • Hi @CallumW


    The ideas have been merged.

  • Great idea! This would absolutely save a lot of time and issues

  • Almost 60 likes! What's the threshold to consider it for the future roadmap? 😬

  • This is a great idea! Will be really helpful for enhancements to existing models

  • I second this.

    As saved views are mandatory for imports between modules, Managing saved views is currently a nightmare when supporting a large application.

    A referenced by with a link to action using the corresponding saved views along with a blocking features preventing deletion of saved views used in actions is a must have.

  • Any update on this? I am having a hard time finding the save view created for a dashboard and there are soo many save views. I don't want to create a new one if one already exists for the dashboard. 

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