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As a model builder I would like to set-up exports that are connected to saved views and that synchronize with a dashboard to provide for end-users dynamic & efficient export possibilities and enable sustainable integration with other systems.



Unfortunately, we are not yet in the position that all planning processes work smoothly on Anaplan.

Respectively we have a lot of stakeholders and end-users that require an export to Excel. We generally ask them to export data directly from the module via Data -> Export, but for standard reports the expectation is to do it via 1 click.


The current export function is very limited and it needs to be created from scratch when something changes (like new line item, different filter etc.). There is no connection to saved views and no possibility to maintain them in a sustainable manner.

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  • Miran
    edited December 2022
  • eije.wiersema
    edited December 2022

    @PhilippErkinger , this would be great.

    When creating exports it is really annoying that you all the time need to recreate them even if you just want to make a small change. It also means that you need to update your processes in which the export is used, because it is seen as a new action. EDIT: there is no need to adjust the process, just be sure that you save the action again under the same name. Thanks @alexpavel 


  • alexpavel
    edited December 2022

    Currently,  there is no possibility when looking at an export action to understand with which filter the data are exported. 

    The only information given is the module name. 


    Linking an export action to a saved view would solve also this issue. 




  • sean_culligan
    edited December 2022

    I agree that it would be helpful to retain the link between exports and saved views, however looking at the issues raised here I wonder if this may help you:




    Using the multi-tab export option you can create more dynamic functionality on the exports, which enable user selection.

  • Rebecca
    edited December 2022
  • jackcplanning
    edited December 2022

    Hi, my partners and I are curious if this would be considered for the roadmap. With many exports & an evolving business, things can change quickly. Being able to adjust a view & maintain the export would help greatly in streamlining integrations.

  • ipekkirali
    edited December 2022

    Completely agree!! The page selector should be syncing with the export saved views. Asking users to reselect what the export when they have already selected on top of the page is not intuitive!

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