Set .xlsx as the default format when extracting data from Anaplan


It is great that now we are able to export data in xlsx format. Thanks Anaplan Team! It would be helpful to have xlsx as the default format when manually exporting data from the system. Current default format is .xls.

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  • Miran
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  • Hey Anaplan Dev Team,

    Max pointed out a very useful platform change that is super-easy to be applied. Reshuffling the list of availale imports to move xlsx formats up is probably not more than few minutes of work for the dev. 


    When would we expect that to be done?




  • Our users find it extremely annoying that the format defaults to .xls and has to be changed manually every time data are exported.

    An alternate suggestion would be to allow the default format to be set by Customer.

  • Bumping this idea up


    It's probably one change in coding for IT guys in the JS script generating a list of dropdown elements:


    Dojo.js -> _createLayoutTab

    changing order of the table elements there probably would do the magic.


    Many users find this XLS as default choice in export file type list quite unpleasant, so this small thing would make their life much easier



  • This would be a nice change, more user friendly and easy to implement!

  • We had the default export format modified from .xls to .csv on our models (an incident is in progress)...

    Case Number: 00419405

    Case Subject: Anaplan : Export on .csv by default

    So it seems that it is possible to have the default format changed and instead request the .xlsx format?
    It would be good to have the admin option to change this setting for a model...


  • maricel

    Yes, Please allow either Workspace admin or each user to change their desired file type in Export Format. Received complain about switching to .csv format. It would take additional steps every time user will choose to export files in xlsx. Majority of my model users preferred (and using) "xlsx" or "xls".

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