Formula for Subsets


Add in a formula functionality to conditionally add items to a list subset, rather than having to manually check a boolean.

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  • Miran
    Status changed to: New
  • It would make life a lot easier if we could define the members of a subset based on a formula as it would remove the necessity of having to create an action to update the list.

  • JLD

    This would be a great help to maintaining lists. It will also decrease the risk of unticking the subset and loosing all related data (especially input data) as long as it meets the criteria set on your formula. 

  • Hey David! It was just be the wording, but that idea seems to be the feature that already exists. You can write any formula in a module and import that line item result into the subset as an action. My request is to skip the potential delay/de-sync there so the list can self-update and self-calculate, without requiring an import.

  • Yes, the subset checkbox could be used the same way as others list properties e.g. with a formula in it and not requiring an action to update the list

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