Add flexibility to history export requests for Anaplan models

As a model builder, I would like to see greater flexibility to history export requests for Anaplan models.


Context: The History Export function is critical for audit checks to understand if any particular user activity/imports/processes might have caused a data issue or some connection to break. It is important as part of CoE support to check and analyze export logs to find discrepancies and look for unusual changes within a timeframe.


Challenges: The current export request can only be filtered for certain basic criteria such as 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days. This usually leads to huge file sizes (10+ GB for big models) that cannot be opened with standard text editors and makes analysis and checking extremely difficult.


Idea Request: Please add additional filtering options to the history export request such as ability to filter by timestamps (from HH:MM:SS-HH:MM:SS) or allowing history view of only a particular process/action/module. Currently, you can view history of a particular data cell but it also has the same basic filter options so additional flexibility would be extremely beneficial for analysis of history logs

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  • This was recently brought up by some of our users as something that would be appreciated. This functionality would allow for a more finite control of looking through the history, especially in models that have large process chains that are only kicked off occasionally. We have at least a few models where this can be lost in the noise when looking at a full day, when a specific timeframe would be more useful to identify a specific action or user who made a change.

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