PREVIOUSITEM() formula which is like PREVIOUS() but references a list item instead of time

Hi Anaplan, 


I was searching for the use of the PREVIOUS function but on a list item but it is not currently possible. 


@peter_mcanena has suggested this but only in a discussion thread. 


So as his idea suggests:


PREVIOUSITEM(x, y) where

  • x: Any expression
  • y: List

The expression x must be based on the list y. PREVIOUSITEM(x, y) would then pick up the value of x from the previous item in the list y.


Anaplan would need to allow PREVIOUSITEM(x, y) to be used in the definition of x itself, in the same way as PREVIOUS(), without creating a circular reference.


full thread here:


It would be great if this was developed! 





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  • Status changed to: In Review
  • Status changed to: In Review
  • Another vote for this functionality.  This would be useful for creating any time based calc, instead of using time, one could create a calculation grid over a serialized list.

  • One more vote for this functionality. Please make it available soon.

  • I would extend this request to more flexible function that allows to take not only the previous item, but specify an offset. e.g. OFFSETITEM(List, -1) returns the previous item, OFFSETITEM(List, 1) returns the next item, OFFSETITEM(List, 2) returns the item after the next one and so on.

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