Ability to use Concatenate (&) in a Select Function


I would like the ability to add an Concatenate to Select Function.   For example SELECT: VERSIONS."Budget "&NAME(Current Year).  As we have multiple Budget Version, the current version in play and the future version.  So in our variance reporting module it would select the correct version as budget.  Similar with forecast … "Forecast "&NAME(Current Quarter).     Currently,  it seems that we will have to update the formula each time it changes.  

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  • Hi @VickiToy 


    There could be a possible work around for this without having to use the function you're describing above. 

    If you are always comparing 2 different versions each time then you could map your versions to a dummy versions list.

    Such as Budget to D Budget and Forecast to D Forecast. 

    This would be done by making the versions list a dimension in a module with a single line item called mapping with the format of the dummy list.

    Then you would map each of the real versions to the dummy versions.

    Then you could have a module for setting the 2 versions you want to compare each time with a line item for the mapping of version 1 with dummy version format and the version 2 also with the dummy version format. 

    Then you could reference the calculations for the variance to the version 1 and version 2 version for comparison and reference the relationship for picking up the real versions for the dummy versions against the real versions.

    And when you wanted to change which versions to compare in your variance you change the inputs in the line items mapping for version 1 and version 2. 

    Meaning you would change the input for the versions 1 and versions 2 line items for comparison and not the formula each time you wanted to change your version comparison.  


    I hope this helps to show a potential solution.





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