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It would be nice to be able sending custom return codes/messages to the API / Anaplan Connect. This will help us in be more proactively in case of errors.

Think about a validation dashboard, which check data consistency. It could be that after a new data feed some functional data errors are flagged up at this dashboard (e.g. missing mappings). In stead of going into the dashboard manually, it would be nice that if an error occurs we are warned directly via an API failure.


As a current work around we are importing an error text into a list formatted line item. As this gives a technical failure of that import action it can be grepped by the Anaplan Connect script and a mail is send to our Anaplan CoE team.

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  • While working on a requirement to handle errors in Anaplan processes, we checked and tested few cases if we could capture return/exit code (i.e. error level) sent from Anaplan job processes to determine whether the process was successful or failure (This part is handled in Task.class file of AnaplanConnect (anaplan-connect-1.4.2-jar-with-dependencies.jar) using batch script). For few scenarios, we did not get the expected result where the Error level was returned as 0 (success) whereas the actual process was failed due to some failure in operation with message “The operation failed”. 1) Exit code 1 is returned only in case of error such as Oracle errors, network issues, missing workspace, Anaplan API exceptions, etc. 2) It sends exit code as 0 (success) when the process operation fails with message “The operation failed”. It is not regarded as error. I would like to submit an idea to change Anaplan Connect Error handling to include functional errors.
  • Hi @****.kaandorp / @Atushis - can you please write to with details of your use case? I'd like to understand it better.



    Chanaveer Kadapatti

    Principal Product Manager - Anaplan

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