Ability to authenticate as an SSO user with Anaplan connect

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At the moment, any user has to be made "exception user" to run actions through Anaplan connect.


Let's say, the user has access to multiple work-spaces. In some work-spaces, the user is toggled as an "exception user" to use Anaplan connect. In some workspaces, the user is kept as an SSO user. 


The primarily concern would be the user being confused as to what user account/password to provide when toggling between models. 


Therefore, being able to use Anaplan connect as an SSO user would avoid confusion.






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  • One workaround for this is to create a dedicated account for Anaplan Connect and tagged it as exception user. However this would be applicable only to situation where access rights is not an issue meaning user can have full access to all Anaplan Actions and to all data. I have this project where data is downloaded to local computers of the users using Anaplan Connect but limited only to what access rights (role and selective access) they have in Anaplan. Thus, i need this SSO enhancement in Anaplan Integration tools as users could not access my .net application utilizing anaplan connect.

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