master data list synchronization between models


Master data lists needs often be synchronized between the Data Hub and spoke models. At the moment we do this as follows (for incremental loads):

In the spoke model:

1. Set the property 'in use' of all list items on FALSE

2. Load in the data from Data Hub to your spoke model (incl. the TRUE flag for 'in use' property).

3. Delete all items that are not 'in use'

There are more flavors to think of for deletion of unused items. This is just an example, however it always requires 3 steps.


It would be nice to have a native (sub)list synchronization functionality between models. This will save a lot of model building time, result in a leaner model as it requires 1 step in stead of 3 every time and might be less error prone.

With one singe action you would be able to synchronize 2 lists based on their code.

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