Opportunity to edit cells, that have less dimensions than the module itself

Currently such cells are displayed and calculated correctly, but cannot be edited without opening the subsidiary view. Anaplan is all about dimension, and that's the main advantage against Excel which needs either to put data on different sheets, or to implement complex VBA programming to provide several dimensions.

But there is a big hitch: if you put any line item on an additional dimension, it will not appear on the module tables, until it's added to overall module dimensions list:

 Applies to
ModuleClient, Product
Line item 1-
Line item 2Client, Product, UoM

The cells fot such Line items will just become blank. So even if I need only one line item with Volumes/Values selector, I MUST add this dimension on the whole module and delete this dimension from every else line item aftewards:

 Applies to
ModuleClient, Product, UoM
Line item 1Client, Product
Line item 2-
Line item 3Client, Product

In this case Anaplan will still display all the rest line items (1 and 3) perfectly... unless it's not a formula. If you want to make corrections, you won't be able to do that (only with imports or using drill-down for every input).

There are two workarounds now:

  • Put Line item 2 in a different module. This is not very user-friendly, becuase when putting these two tables in a dashboard, there is an issue of sinchronizing them.
  • Apply an excessive dimension towards Line item 2. This makes the model building more complicated (you have to make SELECT-wise formulas and users need to keep in mind that there are excessive data in the unneeded dimension. They are also unable to see immediately if there were corrections in values (cause you cannot see all the excessive list's elements at once).

I really think, that non-formula line items should be editable when they have LESS dimensions than the module on whole. Such cells may need to be marked in some way (like the breakback cells are marked right now) because some users may be deceived with the page selectors that module has.

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