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Enhancement: As an Anaplan Workspace Admin, I would like the ability to do real time integration imports & exports directly in user facing models WITHOUT impacting the user experience. 


Problem Statement: Today we run an export every ten minutes, from a user facing model. When we run that export the blue processing box appears on the screen for about 2 minutes.  When the process is running the model essentially locks up & end users are unable to do anything. this happens every ten minutes. 


This enhancement would be helpful for ALL Anaplan customers and would open the numerous use cases. 



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  • @mb250575 

    This is definitely something we are looking at but in the meantime a couple of techniques you can use to minimise the impact


    1. Look at the view used for the export and make sure that is is efficient

    • Use a single Boolean line item as a filter
    • Only export what is really needed, so remove the redundant line items and totals

    2. Implement a "delta" export using boolean flags as part of the process so that only new data is exported rather than all data all of the time


  • Hi David,


    Thanks for responding & for the suggestions. We have already implemented these suggestions & they have helped, but not to the desired extent.  Have had extensive meetings with Anaplan reps (Michael Pearlman) on this topic.



  • Miran
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