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Hi - it would be useful to be able to run a history log by user as well as time/date range.  The history tab isn't the most user-friendly as it only shows a certain amount of changes and the text file export is even less user-friendly!  Sometimes I just want to know what one specific user has done in the model.  Thanks!

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  • Miran
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  • Rebecca
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  • Having time filters would be a huge improvement. With a large user base, only being able to pull by date often results in audit files well over 100MB, which are nearly impossible to work with.

    If we could also filter history exports by Time, that would allow us to extract smaller files that are more manageable to work with.

  • This would be really helpful! Filtering the export logs in notepad++ can be tricky with large files, and can cause program crashes. Filters by Module/List and Line Item/Property would also be nice to have. 

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