Ability to view a module side-by-side with it's Blueprint mode

When model building I find myself regularly want to see a module AND it's blueprint mode simultaneously so I can scan formulas, change things in blueprint, and immediately see the effects without having to toggle back and forth. This would be like using split screen in Excel to compare two workbooks side-by-side


Toggling is no issue in small modules, but if the line you're viewing is two screens down in the blueprint list of line items, and you leave blueprint mode, then come back, you have to find it again because it starts you at the top of the list again.  


To work around this I duplicate the Anaplan tab, but have to open the same module and get it configured the way I like.  But even then when I select a line item in one tab, it doesn't communicate with the other tab.  Ideally they would be in sync.

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  • Status changed to: Not Planned
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