Notification for upgrade/downgrade for workspace admin rights


Workspace admin privileges are an essential right not only for model builders but super users across various platforms that continuously make tweaks across the model on the feedback of the larger user community. 


For a large scale workspace management, several key users have workspace admin rights along with independent model builders and Anaplan CoE teams. However, as part of regular workspace cleanup/maintenace, workspace admin rights of users are often removed because they have moved to a different role or because of inactivity. Additionally,  there might also be accidental changes where a right mistakenly get updated/removed.


Special integration accounts like ESB are also granted workspace admin rights allowing them to run daily jobs across models in an automated fashion even when the model is temporarily offline for testing/change promotions. Any sudden change to such privileges have a knock down effect in terms of impaired functionality and job runs.


As a model builder and part of CoE, I would prefer a notification system for upgrade/downgrade of workspace admin rights being sent to a distribution list (say CoE) or individual members tasked with workspace administration or maintenance. For a workspace with several large models and huge data inflow, it is not feasible to go through each model history and investigate changes, so a dedicated notification system notifying changes to such admin rights would be hugely beneficial in terms of workspace administration and management.

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