Referenced by feature for DCA Driver Line items

When you choose a line item as read or write access driver, there's no way to know that the line item is actually being used besides knowing/searching for it as an active driver in line item information.


Can we have a 'referenced by' feature for when a line item is an active driver?

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  • Massive support for this.  All us model builders are always on the lookout for modules/line items which we can delete.  This would help loads.

  • Status changed to: In Review
  • Hello,


    Are you aware if this is part/planned in the near-future AN enhancement list? This is really important & useful for any AN developer!


    Best regards


  • Hi,


    I also counting on this feature. 

    For now you can use workaround: download full list of line items to get this info. Although, it is not as convenient as line items "referenced by"



  • @Miran In addition to the above request, I also believe it would be super helpful if there are below indications as well in blue print view

    1. if a line item is being used as a filter
    2. if a line item is being imported into another module/model


    Needless to say, these indications will ONLY PREVENT deleting line items accidently.

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