Limit Acccss to Users in the User list for WS admins


Hi there,


I have a data-input module with the users dimension in it, so different users can enter new items in that module simultaneously and then  create them in a list by using an import action. 


The problem is that, since some of the users working on that module are Workspace admins, when they push data from the data-input module to the list using the action, as they have access to all the users in the user list by default, they push at once all the data being entered by the different users working on the mentioned module. 


I managed to solve it with a dummy-user list and selective access applied to it, but the draw back is that is harder do maintain (now I have 2 users list instead of one). 


I would like to ask if is there a way to "filter" or limit the user list in the data-input module, so workspace admins will only load the data being entered by them when running the import action.





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  • Thanks Alex! 


    That is exactly was I was looking for! I was not aware of this feature. So simple... and yet it relieved me of quite some headaches!