Dynamic Cell Access and Copy Branch


Copy branch is widely used functionality with multiple use cases. We can copy a whole nested hierarchy with just a single click. Currently there is limited way to control what exactly will be copied... By default it just copies everything.


Can we control that?

We can remove write access on a module level and it is working just great.
However, this is very limited solution as it permanently takes write access from a specific role.
Therefore, it is not dynamic, which makes this use case very limited.


Can this be fully dynamic?

The answer to this problem seems to by Dynamic Cell Access (DCA) also known as Read & Write Access Drivers.

Using DCA we can decide "on the fly" whether a role has write access or not to particular item... In theory it is a perfect solution.

But it is not working that way. For some reason DCA is not taken into account when using copy branch functionality.

When we remove write & read access, data will be populated anyway. It seems even as a potential security breach.


The idea here is to respect these DCA settings, when using copy branch and have this access control work in line with Module access control.

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