Ability to import from subsidiary view with one dimension or from module without dimensions



Being an Anaplan Builder, I would like to be able to perform imports from subsidiary view with one dimension and from modules without dimensions.


Example of Enhancement:


Working with different models, it is sometimes required to perform and import from line item without dimensions or with only one, but being in subsidiary view. Examples of such actions are: populate True/False Boolean flag to enable/disable something in the model, capture somewhere date of the model, which is represented in one line item without dimension, etc.


Currently, it is possible to create an view (either subsidiary with one dimension or with module without dimension), in which you will see source line item to be transferred. Usual view of such is:

View Example:

Source Line Item NameData

But if this view will be used in import, once you open Import Wizard Window, view will be represented as:

Source Line Item Name


There is a workaround to create a dummy list with one item. But that is not the right way of managing the import sources since anyway in the original view Anaplan Shows the data.


Benefit / Impact:

Performing imports without additional population of dummy dimensions.


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  • This is actually a very valid ask. While we are orchestrating Hub-Spoke, most of the data should flow in sequence. But because of this constraint, I will have to upload files in Hub as well as in Spoke where we have no dimensions except line items.


    A recent example was when I wanted date from system. 


    1. I uploaded the same in the hub model in a line item with no dimension.

    2. When I was pulling it in the spoke model, realized that because the source has only 1 dimension, the view in the import which I create does not show any data but only line item names and hence i dont have relevant column to match. 









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