Data Storage in Anaplan


Hi Team,


Did Anaplan store data in any of its server for a long term.. I knew the fact that the file we have uploading will be removed in 48 hrs. But other than that, do we have any backup storage?



Devika Venugopal


  • Hi


    The "stored" data, so not calculations and model structures are written to a data store when the model is closed, and periodically during it's use (after approximately 60s worth of changes) 

    The calculations are not stored to disk, but are fully calculated when the model opens and after any data entry, only the downstream calculations are updated

    I hope that helps


  • Devika

    Hi David,


    What I understood is, Anaplan is storing its structural data when any model in open mode. So what will happen if we delete any model/workspace?


    Would it completely delete the information from storage disk or would it go to any other place like trash?


    Actually I really wants to understand, what is happening to the file which is uploading to Anaplan.



    Devika Venugopal

  • Hi,


    To your point about the 48 hrs validity, it refers to data files that you upload into Anaplan, it depends on the private/default settings that you can learn more about below:


    But once data from the data files are loaded into Anaplan, and if you accidentally deleted the model, then you should email Anaplan support immediately, Anaplan support might be able to help recover the deleted model.


    But generally speaking, if you're not sure whether a model should be deleted or not, i would suggest that you archive the model.