New UX needs to have a multi-lingual user interface to allow non-english language implementations


Hi Anaplan, 


The New UX does not currently support a multi-lingual interface. 

Many of our clients are asking for this to be implemented. 

It would be really beneficial for many Anaplan Users across the world (Europe, Asia, Africa, South America) for the new UX and UI to support a multi-lingual interface. 

Great idea suggested by @nmoore 

If this is going to be implemented please can you advise of the date when? 





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  • nmoore

    Good call - this is a must for pan-European end users who need a local language UI for updating models.  Also for Asia.


    @anaplan is this on the roadmap?



  • Miran
    Status changed to: In Review
  • nmoore

    Hi Miran - does this mean you will not consider a multi-lingual UX unless Community has large support for it?  Given the potential customers for multi-lingual are not likely yet Anaplan customers it would make more sense to have a global UX vision then push into non-English speaking countries, no??

  • Rebecca
    Status changed to: In Review
  • Hello,


    Many of our customers request a multi-lingual UX , I hope that's in the roadmap.


    Best Regards,


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