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When publishing a module on a dashboard you can specify an Initial Page, an item from Page Selector that will be selected once you reopen a dashboard. For reporting dashboards, I normally put it on Total level (Total Zones).


If Selective access is enabled for the Zone list, and a user has access to a specific Zone, the Initial Page set on Total Zones will not work. Instead, the first Plant (considering hierarchy Zone -> Country -> Plant) will be shown. Using the new "Use Top Level As Default Page" functionality does not show this issue.


Please ensure that if "Use Top Level As Default Page" is ticked, the top level will be selected also with Selective Access settings enabled, or if Initial Page is set to Total level, it would cascade to highest available aggregation when Selective Access settings enabled.


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  • Egor

    A screenshot for the idea above:


    NOTE: the screenshot has been taken after Selective access was enabled. Note that Initial Page setting (Total Zones) returns an error, while the initial page when opening a dashboard is Bucanero, that is the first in the list of plants.Screen Shot 2019-07-11 at 4.27.52 PM.png


  • Miran
    Status changed to: In Review
  • I just exchanged emails with support last week discussing this same issue. I thought it was a bug or something I was doing while enabling selective access and setting Use Top Level As Default Page. Would love to see this fixed. 

  • Could really use the ability to expand and collapse the hierarchy in the page selector in UX similar to how we were able in classic view (shown below).  In NUX user can type in the parent but it doesn’t display the children of the parent, only the items that match that text.  Our lists are lengthy, we need a better search along the list option.  This is the number 1 frustration with our users.




  • mlatorre

    Do you have any updates on this? If a user does not have access to the top member, it should default to the highest member they have access to. Then, if multiple equal top members exist, it should default to the first of those. 

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