The Certified Master Anaplanner Program Reaches a Milestone

Master Anaplanners connect at CPX 2019Master Anaplanners connect at CPX 2019

The Master Anaplanner team has officially welcomed 300 Certified Master Anaplanners into the ecosystem! This is an outstanding accomplishment by these individuals, which demonstrates the continued maturity of the Anaplan ecosystem. These Master Anaplanners have all proved their technical mastery of Anaplan by completing extensive training and maintaining an extremely high level of in-model activity.

The Certified Master Anaplanner program is a global initiative with the major goal of having a CertifiedMA2 (1).png Master Anaplanner in every region. It was serendipitous that our 300th individual is also our very first Certified Master Anaplanner in Japan.

We are extremely grateful for the hard work of this pioneering group of experts. Their leadership over the years is evident in the very fiber of our technology, and we remain committed to identifying and celebrating the new generation of Certified Master Anaplanners who are following in their trails.

Master Anaplanners connect at CPXMaster Anaplanners connect at CPX

As this network grows and expands, we are always looking for opportunities to empower Certified Master Anaplanners to connect with each other and the entire Anaplan ecosystem. You can find them at your local User Groups, actively engaged in conversations online in the Community forums, and even sharing their expertise in the Best Practices knowledge base. And now they’re even easier to find with the new Certified Master Anaplanner trophy badge within Community!

Are you interested in becoming a Certified Master Anaplanner? What are you waiting for? Apply now! Not only do you gain access to the private Master Anaplanner Community User Group, but you also receive many benefits that will help your career. Apply today and our dedicated team will guide you through your journey and ensure that you have all the appropriate support to get certified.

More about Certified Master Anaplanners:

And for those who are current Certified Master Anaplanners, a friendly reminder that Frank’s Challenge is live and running! We have already received many referral submissions and look forward to working with every individual on their journey. If you are unsure how to participate in this challenge, please reach out to for more details.

Our Master Anaplanner team will continue to certify and enroll the top 1 percent of Anaplan model builders who evangelize the platform and drive Connected Planning solutions for their industries and organizations.

We thank everyone for your continued support and the success of our program. Looking for more? Let us know in the comments below.