Applying filtering on Tabular Single Column Exports


Being an Anaplan builder/user, I would like to be able use set on the view filters for export option "Tabular Single Column".


Currently, if you prepare a view with set filters, if you run "Tabular Single Column" export, Anaplan will ignore filters and include all items from all dimensions in the extract. It has two major disadvantages: 1) Insecurity, meaning that users will be able to extract what they shouldn't see in some cases (for example, filtered line items). 2) Without ability to put more then 3 dimensions in row and run "Current Page" export option (which allows to use filters from the view), it is impossible to run filtered "flat view" exports (when each dimension in row) for modules with more then 3 dimensions required .


Benefit of the change: ability to perform "flat view" exports with preset filters for more than 3 dimensions modules.

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  • Miran
    Status changed to: In Review
  • @AndreyPol  Thanks for this suggestion! I think it would be a great enhancement to be able to select certain line items to include in the export rather than having just the whole module exported!

  • We would also like to see this, as it will ease the handling large data sets exported from Anaplan and, as @AndreyPol notes, increase data security

  • Status changed to: In Review
  • xin

    Any update on this topic?

    It would be great to be able to apply filters on "Tabular Single Column" export, so that the file doesn't get too large and also increase data security

  • Hey - is there any update on this? When using the Tabular Multiple Column Export, I want only the selected line items to be exported in my saved view, not the whole view.

  • Just found this issue and defiantly needs resolution.

    I'm confused as I'm sure I have this working correctly in some of my models.

    Seems to be inconsistent.

    Need to be resolved.

  • Any update on this? Current functionality is misleading as views can have filter but export don't support in single column format.

  • Please develop this. Tabular export is the way to go for BI-tools and without filters files become easily heavy in size.

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