Import User List into the model in Deployed Status

Being an Anaplan admin, I would to be able to upload User List into the model in Deployed Status following general approach of imports from files (with ability to upload .csv file).


Currently, the only way to do it is to check the import in the system as "Production Data", re-upload source file directly in production model in Import Setting and then run the import.


Instead, I would like to be able to populate import on the dashboard and upload the file every time I type on it (like with other imports from files) so that I wouldn't follow three steps instead of one.


Benefits: reduce number of steps done by admin to load User List files in the system.

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  • This was an issue for us originally too. We had a process set up where we had to do the following:

    1) We would press a button on a dashboard that would prompt us for the file (it was a published import to the user list)

    2) We would expect this action to fail (but it would store the file)

    3) We would then go to the user list and press the import button and it would import from the stored file


    I didn't particularly like this process, but it worked. It sounds like yours may be similar.


    We eventually changed it up entirely and are now setting up user access in a module and then importing from that module to the user list. We don't run into any issues with this. I suppose you could set it up to import from your .csv file into a module and then to the user list with one process as a temporary workaround. 

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