Using LOOKUP and SUM with Formula summary method

A detailed description of the enhancement that is being requested.

We would like to request an enhancement that would allow to use LOOKUP and SUM with Formula summary method.


Currently Anaplan doesn’t allow to do so, although in many cases it is needed and doesn’t break the math.

step 1.png


If available, could you please provide a picture or an example of the enhancement when implemented?


For example here I use Last non-blank summary in Last Project column. I want Volume line item to take given Project each time on lowest level, but lookup for Last Project at Summaries:

step 2.png

If Formula summary would be possible, Volume at ISC – ID 2009 would be 1000 as in the last line above.

To provide more clarification, could you please explain how you hope the enhancement would assist in your business process(es)?


It would ease building of the modules, where business requires to take into account different reference at lower and higher levels, using complex criteria.

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