Warning when attempting to change a saved view used by an action


No small amount of problems have been caused in our model by someone unknowingly altering a saved view that is used by an import action.  It seems reasonable to me to tell the builder who is about to delete, or overwrite a saved view that is used by an action so they can make a decision to proceed or not.  


Ideally, it would also identify WHICH action(s) are using that saved view so you can know where to go if a change to the action is needed as well.

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  • Miran
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  • Status changed to: In Review
  • Alternatively :

    I would include this at the same level as formula protection : cannot alter a saved view that is used by actions.

    We spent a significant amount of time over the past year running into issues because of saved views being modified

    - another way around would be to be able to create save views as part of the action definition process, not at the module set up

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