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Hi Community. I would like to explore the possibility of extending one of our models that currently has a 0 future periods. So far we created a new model each fiscal year, but now I am considering extending the future years. Besides the space and hard codded line items formulas what would be the other constraints? 

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    Hi Alex,


    #1. Consider your export Files, if your are okay with exporting 2 years data(Assume 1 Current year + 1 Future year) then its fine. But if you want to export only the current year , apply filters based on the rule.

    #2. Also the time periods showed in dashboard,  if you don't want to see future year or past month, apply filters.

    #3. Use Time Ranges for reporting purpose, we can save space here.



    Vignesh M


  • All good points above, and just to add, it is easy to change any hard coded references (e.g. SELECT:Time.'FY19') to be flexible using LOOKUPs and a Time Settings module.  Using this, along with the Current Period setting allows a lot of dynamic flexibility when it comes to filtering and reporting

    I hope this helps

    Good luck