Ability to Reorder, Sort, Filter, Group and generally Organize the users list


Our model has 700+ users so the list is quite overwhelming to deal with. They're also in some who-knows why randomized order.  I see no easy way of changing this order short of removing them all and re-importing them in a different order. 


It would be really helpful to deal with this size of a list by allow admin to:


  1. Easily reorder the list (Like you can actions, dashboards, modules);
  2. Reorder by Drag & Drop 
  3. Sort the list, preferably by whatever column I choose
  4. Create groups of users.  Useful for say contractors, employees, temporary accounts, integration accounts etc.
  5. Roll up / Unroll those groups so I can better focus on specific users
  6. Apply filters to the list, again by any column
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  • Miran
    Status changed to: In Review
  • Status changed to: In Review
  • Thanks for this idea. Can you please clarify which user list it is? 

    You can reply here or message @rupert_tagnipes directly. 

  • Hello @Rebecca  / @rupert_tagnipes 

    The users list i'm referring to is the one shown in the attached image.  In all honesty, all of these lists found under Model Settings (Dashboards, Modules, Actions etc.) need a similar treatment to make them more manageable when they grow past a certain size.  


    Filter Users List.PNG



  • Completely agree!!!! I have thought this countless times! I've also found that the user list isn't always in the same order across different models. At a minimum it would be nice if users displayed in alphabetical order but would love more flexibility to sort and filter like David laid out.
  • Excellent idea, completely agree on all points above. To add, when we roll out new dashboards/features, we like to change our admin access to the end user that will see the new dashboard, in order to make sure everything is in line. Right now, it's too complicated to copy/paste all selective access over to my user and then change back once i'm done. It would be awesome to have a function that allows you to completely replicate the view of a user based on their email. At the very least, being able to sort the user list will help here.

  • Agreed.  I realize that the last comment on this thread was a few months ago, but I don't see that a solution has been posted on this issue.  I would love the ability to sort the users on the model user list, as well.

  • obriegr

    The additional information has been given for this @Rebecca 

    I am surprised this hasn't been implemented still. I went to create a duplicate of this idea now three times. 

    This is absolutely necessary.

  • Status changed to: In Review
  • This would be so helpful to help organize and manage security. Need the ability to sort and filter the columns. 

  • This is absolutely needed. Any update of the status from last 6 months?

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