Certifiacte authentication problem


HI All,


I am trying to convert the anaplan .cer file to pfx for java key store using openSSL

But it is asking for a .key file which is not there in anaplan.

what is the workaround for this?



  • @abhay.kanik 


    Few points before you go thru the link below:


    If you obtain both the public certificate and private key in a single file, use openssl to extract and save both the files separately in PEM format.


    When you extract the private key you are prompted to create a passphrase. This Passphrase is needed if you use your private key for authentication.


    Option 1: Use Private Key with Anaplan Connect


    Option 2: Create a Java Key Store


    I believe you are taking option 2- below document will help you in resolving the issue