Ability to Disable and Modify Welcome Email


We want to be able to control who gets a welcome email stating that you're Active on Anaplan. Our access to Anaplan is via another tool and the email stating the person is an Active user is: #1: Misleading because they also need to be provisioned in the other system where we are controlling the link access to Anaplan and #2: The user may not be aware that they are being provisioned during a weekend deployment.  


We would also like to modify the email template to include the SSO URL within the email.



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  • Miran
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  • Dear msanchez00, community,


    does it mean that currently there is no way to customize welcome emails? This is just an idea we propose to Anaplan for a future implementation, correct?




  • I think it would be a great idea to be able to add extra information to those welcome emails, e.g. links to training videos on how to work with the models on the workspace, logging-in info and perhaps who to contact if there is any difficulty!

  • I think this would be very helpful as we setup new users rather than having to send a separate email. Thank you!

  • The ability to customize the message,  (possibly co-brand), with an option to omit it being sent, is needed by the MSP program.  In these situations the messaging needs to look it's being sent by the Partner to the end-user.

  • We will assess this as a roadmap candidate.

  • Hi,

    Want to check if there is an update to the welcome email customization. Want to check if there is any deliverable date for this functionality.


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