Default Export File Type to CSV


This one is simple.  Anaplan's recommended export file type is CSV, yet the export dialog defaults to Excel / XLS. 


Yesterday we had an integration mysteriously run for 7 hours, later realizing it was because the export file type wasn't changed to CSV.


Please allow model admin to set the default export file type to CSV.  This would be one less thing to remember (and get wrong) when creating an export. 



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  • Miran
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  • Would be helpful to be able to change this default as needed.  xls seems to be somewhat antiquated due to the row number limitation.  Rarely am I able to just pull as xls, 75%+ I have to change it to xlsx or csv to get the data because there are more than 65000 rows.

  • Totally agree on this one - someone just asked the same question on one of our models, why can't it be resorted (presumably that's easy) or as @jtkerlin suggests have a tenant / workspace default?

  • It would be great to have the ability to set your own model / workspace default so we could set users to have export default to .xlsx as standard and developer areas to .csv.

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