Data depersonalization


My company does not want to upload personal data of employees to the cloud. However, there is a need for sales management. Obviously, identifying calculations / reports by identifiers rather than by employee names is not productive.
It is necessary to be able to personalize through the identifiers the data received from Anaplan on the side of the user's company, and send back to Anaplan depersonalized information on the identifiers.
That is, we need the ability to connect between the Anaplan and the user interface the internal database of the Company (which will be stored locally) by comparing specific fields in Anaplan with the fields in the Database. In the process of interaction, this layer will receive identifiers from Anaplan, find their correspondence in the database and return the correspondence from the database to the user interface. When writing to Anaplan, perform the reverse operation.
On the company side, we need a server part that will process traffic from Anaplan and process user requests.
So companies that worry about the secrecy of personal information will be able to increase its security.
I work for a large Bank in Russia and we want to start using Anaplan ensuring the security of our data.

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  • If you make a full API with which we can embed a third-party application between Anaplan and the user, while remaining in the Anaplan interface, it will also be suitable.

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