User Access Management Control


In Anaplan, All the users having "Workspace Admin" are able to add Users to the workspace.  I would like to propose an idea in which among all the 'Workspace Admins" only certain set of users among them should have the option of adding new users to the workspace. This will help one to easily manage and keep a track of the users being added and the Admins who created that user. Management of users list becomes more controlled and streamlined. 

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  • Status changed to: On Roadmap
  • Centralized identity management is a significant roadmap initiative.  It includes the ability to create/update/delete/de-activate users, and assign and remove them to and from workspaces within the Administration application.  Only User Administrators (new role) will be able to perform this function.  Workspace administrators will no longer be able to perform these tasks once this initiative is released.

  • Is the whole cim still going to be rolled out ?

    Since the first inception of user admin role, it looks like it stopped there.

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