Default Settings for new Line Items, Summaries, for Model and Modules


There are two other ideas that exist already one that are by default set sums to off and another that is to set defaults by module.


Why limit to just as a whole product or module, why not give a default for builders or similar added to the Model Setting.

All models are set to default none for all summaries and line item type, then you the ability to set the default by module to whatever variation of sum or line item that works if it is different from the model (as line items are created they can start for example as boolean, all) and then the selected line item overwrites whatever the default option is.

This ties into several of my other submitted ideas, such as default coloring of text, and similar model scheme that can be applied for additional use cases.

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  • I like this idea!  One of the challenges we run into is having inconsistent formatting across a model due to the need to manually update each line item in every module should you deviate from the Anaplan default.  For example, if you want to display a zero number value as a hyphen rather than a 0.  Not a massive issue but from an end user perspective I think the model is more polished if the formatting is consistent in all modules.


    Thanks for submitted @obriegr!

  • Status changed to: In Review

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