FAQ around Level 2 Model Building


Do I need to do Level 1 Model Building to do Level 2 Model Building?

Level 2 Model Building is open for everyone to access.  However, you will need to complete Level 1 Model Building exam to complete the build for Level 2 Model Building.  This is because you will need your post exam Level 1 model to import data into.



I am a Model Builder, how do I re-certify?

To re-certify you need to take and pass the Level 1 Model Building and Level 2 Model Building exams before the 31st of January 2020.

The estimated effort is 1.5 hours for Level 1 Model Building. This includes time to download and modify pre-built models in order to answer the exam questions. It is highly encourage that you take the entire course.  However the only requirement is the Certification Exam.  In the exam, you will  download a model to add on new functionality and then answer questions. 


In order to complete the exams in Level 2 Model Building, you will need to build both a Data Hub model along with a Supply Chain Model through the different activities.  You do not need to complete all micro-lessons to get a completion.  There are four exams in Level 2 Model Building.  These exams ask questions around your build, along with best practices.The estimated effort is 15-30 hours depending on experience level. 


I am a Master Anaplanner can I be grandfathered Model Builder?

No. There is no grandfathering for any training or certification.


I am a Master Anaplanner, can I re-certify?

The current Master Anaplanner status has no weight on the Partner Tiering.

A Partner delivery capacity is measured by the number of Certified Model Builders and Certified Solutions Architects.

If you not a Certified Model Builder you will need to do the Level 1 Model Building, Level 2 Model Building  and The Anaplan Way (if you have not done it yet) to gain Certified Model Builder status.

Anaplan will be announcing maintenance requirements for Master Anaplanner status on 02/01/2020 and the Master Anaplanners will have a one year to “keep” their status if they follow the requirements.

More information on the Master Anaplanners community page here.


I am a Certified Solutions Architect; do I need to re-certify?

Yes, you need to re-certify the Model Builder portion of your certification.

To re-certify you need to take and pass the Level 1 Model Building  and Level 2 Model Building exams before the 31st of January 2020.


I am a certified Trainer; do I need to re-certify?

Yes, we have retired our old 102: Introduction to Model Building course.  You will need to re-certify on Level 1 Model Building via the Level 1 Train The Trainer Classroom training to be able to deliver the course. 


What is the Train The Trainer re-certification path?

You need need to complete Level 1 Model Building plus attend the Level 1 Train The Trainer Classroom training.  Previously certified trainers will not be required to do any co-teach or post course teachbacks. 


I have started my FP&A Case Study 299, what should I do?

You have two options:

You can complete and pass the 299 and then re-certify by taking and passing the Level 1 Model Building and Level 2 Model Building exams before the 31st of January 2020.

Or, you can pass the Level 1 Model Building exam and do the Level 2 Model Building training.


Is there any changes with regards to The Anaplan Way (TAW)? Do I need to re-take this?

No, there are no changes to The Anaplan Way training. It remains as a Classroom.

No, there is no need to re-take The Anaplan Way class.


I have completed 102 and 201, what should I do?

We recommend viewing all of the content in the Level 1 Model Building course . If you have already completed 102 and 201, you can download the completed model and take the exam. You can then do the Level 2 training and attend The Anaplan Way class to become a Certified Model Builder.


Why did you change the training path?

We made the decision to re-imagine the platform certification path to better scale the Anaplan ecosystem and meet training demand. The existing content (102, 201, 299, etc.) is dated in both learning mechanism and in subject matter best practices have been learned in the field over the past 3 years. These best practices have been incorporated into the new training coursework, and we believe this improved experience will improve the ramping process for field consultants. The decision to redesign was not made lightly, and we are aware that an investment is required to recertify resources; however, we believe the new content will produce a better experience for everyone!


What will happen on the 31st of January 2020 if I do not re-certify?

You will lose your current status as Certified Model Builder and Solutions Architect.


Is the Anaplan Essentials part of the re-certification?

No, although we highly recommend that everyone takes the training, it is not a requirement to become a Certified Model Builder.


Is there a re-certification for Solutions Architect?

Solutions Architects need to re-certify as Model Builders by taking and passing the Level 1 and Level 2 exams before the 31st of January 2020.



How long is the new Certified Model Builder training path?

Level 1 Model Building ILT classroom is 3 days. Level 1 Model Building OnDemand is 25-30 hours.

Level 2 Model Building is 30-40 hours.

The Anaplan Way class is 2 days.


I have failed the Level 1 or Level 2 exam twice and now it is locked, what do I need to do?

You will have to complete the training and then send an email to academy@anaplan.com and ask them to reset the exam.



  • Hi there - think that this should be more widely published out. Might be quite a lot of people trained under the old courses that aren't aware of the need to remain certified under the new structure.

  • Is this the general model builders or the partner learning path (as there is reference in there about partners)?
  • Hi,

    I failed in Level 2 Sprint 2 examination twice. How can I get it reset to attempt for it once again?