TaskID REST API answer - to contain audit information about launch timestamp, users



When using REST API scripts, in the answer to a taskID for processes or imports, there is all the information that is needed except some very useful audit information like:

 - Timestamp Start TaskID

 - Timestamp End TaskID

- user that launched the task


Is it possible to add these kinds of information?





Bellow an example of TaksID answer:



"taskId": "423B18C44F7D4FB1806B79EA44AD9A8A",

"currentStep": "Failed.",

"progress": 0.0,

"result": {

"failureDumpAvailable": false,

"nestedResults": [


"details": [


"localMessageText": "Property-based import has one of the key properties unmapped - cannot proceed",

"occurrences": 0,

"type": "hierarchyImportPropertyKeyUnmapped"



"failureDumpAvailable": false,

"objectId": "112000000193",

"successful": false



"objectId": "118000000036",

"successful": false


"taskState": "COMPLETE"



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