Selective Access - List Formatted Line Item


Hi Team,


I have a list (Employees) which has Selective Access enabled & I have updated the Users Section for the relevant access to Employee list items. I also have a Line Item Formatted with the Employees list. When the employee clicks that Line Item all the Employee List items appear, not only the Selective Access items


FYI - Employees rolls up to Regions(which does not have Selective Access enabled) but the Employee has setup for this (see below screenshot)


Any ideas on why the full list would be displaying in the Line Item?







Best Answer


  • Thanks Arun! Worked like a charm


    Little strange that AP would allow you to see the full list when you have already entered the Selected Access for the list at a User level 



  • Hello Mark,


    Yes, sometimes it is needed to show all list items in a drop down in spite of having a selective access. Here the user might be writing on a different dimension. You can activate selective access on demand, otherwise show complete list, so it is good in that way.


    Selective access is mainly to control read/write on the dimension itself.