Need help with 53rd Week Setup in 5-4-4 Calendar




I am trying to setup a 53 week year in 5-4-4 Fiscal Calendar. I have setup the calendar as follows

2019-09-21 03_16_55-Window.png

According to our client 2020 is a 53rd week and they would like to see the additional week in December 2020 . After the above time settings I am still unable to see a 53rd week in any year. Please let me know if I am missing anything or if anybody has been successful in setting up a 53 week year. 




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  • jnoone
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    Hey Nayeem - Can you change the setting for end of fiscal year to Sat nearest end of Dec (it is the bubble below your current selection)?  The issue is that if you use last Sat in Dec it will use the week starting of 12/20/2020 as the last week instead of week starting 12/27/2020 which will give you 53 weeks.  


    I just want to mention that as with any time setting change, you need to be careful of data loss before you make the change and also confirm that this calendar alignment works for your reporting needs.  


    Hope this helps!  Screenshots below.






    53 weeks.png


  • Hello @abdul.nayeem ,


    Try out with different options as @jnoone  optioned it out. See which option matches with your client calendar.

    Anaplan is powerful enough to model the 53rd week which occurs every 5/6 year once, which actually makes the 4-4-5 calendar to be a 4-5-5 for that quarter containing 14 weeks / year containing 53 weeks.