Audit request - applying filters to history export requests


Background - As a security audit process defined by P&G governance, we have to audit the application logs (from model history) to check if they are backed by request from business. However we do audit only for small subset of the data as the current log from models covers wide range.

This being a monthly task, we download data for previous month and then filter for certain actions (given below) and then audit them. We are facing issue as the file size of these history data runs into gigabytes (sometime as large as 40GB) and open this file in any tools is not supported to apply filter.

Help Needed - Can you share us an extract from model history post applying filters (as given below)? There is huge reduction of the output file post applying these filters. A gigabyte file gets downsized to kilobytes makes it easier to handle/process further.

Filter on "Description" column in the model history for these values -

'Add Dashboard', 'Import', 'Delete Item', 'Add Line Item', 'Add Module', 'Add Process', 'Add Property', 'Add Saved View', 'Add User', 'Change Action', 'Change Dashboard', 'Change Line Item', 'Change Module', 'Change Property', 'Change Role', 'Change Saved View', 'Change Time Scale', 'Move Dashboard', 'Name Changed', 'Parent Changed', 'Revision Synced', 'Set Action Access', 'Set List Access', 'Set Module Access', 'Set Selective Access', 'Set Version Access', 'User Role Changed'.

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  • Totally agree that it would be helpful to set parameters before running the model history.  This would make the process more efficient and provide a better model builder experience.


    @Marzena We had a similar issue where we needed to pull history data but only for end user value changes (i.e. excluding any model admin changes).  We are using Anaplan Connect and a windows scheduler to automate the process of running the history and loading it to our local machine.  We then use a  Python script to delete rows with certain parameters.  This allow us to "filter" the data and then we have a more workable output file that can be opened with Excel.  Or in our case uploaded back into an Anaplan module for reporting.

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  • Status changed to: In Review
  • JLD

    Supporting this request. 


    This would be a great help on Audit requirements specially for those active models. One of our clients has this monthly extraction of history wherein they require us to submit those items related to user access for their audit process.  

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