Mass Delete / update of user assignments in selective access.


Hello Anaplanners,


For one of our customers we have a requirement to dynamically update the selective access permissions to users. As I understand we can only import into Anaplan Users. I tried importing blank data into Users tab for list permissions but it still retains previous data. Further we cannot create a delete action for the users.


Any help in this area will be highly appreciated.



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  • Hi @abdul.nayeem 


    An alternative method could be to import the 'model role' as 'no access' which clears all selective access and then import the selective active permissions you require. 


    I hope this helps!





  • Hi,


    You can set up an import in the Users settings (from a dashboard/file/API) to create new users and modify their roles and selective accesses (also access to several items of the same list); you can't delete users or grant admin access.

    To remove the selective accesses, you should give the user "No Access" and then update it with the new information.




  • follow Rob's guide.
    Quick addition to it:
    - never include yourself (the person running the action) in the process
    - setting user to no access kicks them out, don't do it during a day's work