Bulk Copy On Items Within Modules and Bulk Copy Actions On Dashboards


Hi Anaplan, 


Currently the ability to 'Bulk Copy' of data only exists a list items data to be copied to another list item across the entire model. 


My idea is to have the ability to 'Bulk Copy' but only within a module from a list item to another list item within that model. Meaning that the data being copied only happens within the module you choose it to. The benefit of this  si when creating new list items and having the need to copy assumption data across can be very manual and having a 'Bulk Copy' in selected or current module only would really save time. 


Additionally having the ability to add this type of action to dashboards would allow users to quickly create new scenarios or versions or products etc within the dashboard and copy across the assumptions they required when setting up. Currently this is limited to Model builders only through the settings. 


Currently the work-around is to create a custom import process but as the model changes or list grows this can become difficult to manage. 





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  • Misbah

    I just encountered a scenario where I need to move the data from one version to another but not in all of the modules, and I found out there is no way Bulk copy supports it which is why I am here. My idea is similar to what Usman logged in long way back - having an ability for model builders to choose which module should be excluded from bulk copy. This would save us good amount of time in creating 100s of imports manually for each module.

  • Hello

    Why not create a subset specific to this module?
    That way you can use Bulk Copy on this subset and therefore this module specifically.

  • Misbah

    @axel.frot How? Let's say we have an Input text parameter in this module which we don't want to move from one version to another but we still want to have both the versions in this module. How do you recommend Bulk copy to work?

  • axel.frot
    edited June 2023

    I propose an idea:
    A Bulk Copy, works on a subset list independently of its parent list.
    If you want to copy data from one List Item to another without impacting all the modules, create a subset list specific to those modules that must allow a Bulk Copy.
    I hope that's clearer now?

  • Misbah


    Calling it subset is confusing as it coincides with Subsets that might have different meanings in this context but I get your point now. My idea is also actually on similar lines which is to cherry pick the modules where you want or don't want the action to run.

  • Edited. ;)

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