Bulk Copy On Items Within Modules and Bulk Copy Actions On Dashboards

Hi Anaplan, 


Currently the ability to 'Bulk Copy' of data only exists a list items data to be copied to another list item across the entire model. 


My idea is to have the ability to 'Bulk Copy' but only within a module from a list item to another list item within that model. Meaning that the data being copied only happens within the module you choose it to. The benefit of this  si when creating new list items and having the need to copy assumption data across can be very manual and having a 'Bulk Copy' in selected or current module only would really save time. 


Additionally having the ability to add this type of action to dashboards would allow users to quickly create new scenarios or versions or products etc within the dashboard and copy across the assumptions they required when setting up. Currently this is limited to Model builders only through the settings. 


Currently the work-around is to create a custom import process but as the model changes or list grows this can become difficult to manage. 





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