Ability to change the format type of labels when exporting


Description of the enhancement required:
When exporting labels for a number formatted field the output is in text format in all export file types currently. We need the ability to select the label format when exporting, so a numeric formatted field can remain number formatted when exported if desired. If we make this optional it will not alter existing behavior for customers that want the labels exported in text format.

An example of the enhancement:
Customer has a list property for the year number (ex: 2019). When they export the list property as a label the output has a decimal present (ex: 2019.0). They want the option to export this same list property label, but in number format like they have configured for the list property, so the export output matches what is displayed from the model (ex: 2019).

A story for why they want the enhancement, (how would it help their business process):
The concern is, that numeric property based labels are being exported as text and has decimals.
They have static numeric line items/properties throughout the model (product size, product weight) which is being used in different ad hoc exports by end users. And properties as labels are easily accessible by end users.

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  • Silly question, but why can't they just have the list property as text formatted with the formula TEXT(module.number line item)


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