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It will be great to have an option to select the Line Item which will be taken as a source to calculate phasing for Breakback function. At the moment split is done based on the items, in which I input amount. Unfortunately in some business cases it's required to use another metric for phasing. This can be useful especially in the beginning when business starts working from a scratch to avoid flat phasing. 

Exp: Breakback function is set up for Line Item A(LI A) and phasing is set up based on Line Item B(LI B)

LI A530122148305
LI B1010800100

If i will change LI A for Total element from 305 to 500 the result for elements A and B will be 10% of 500 = 50 and for C will be 80% of 500 = 400

LI A50504000500
LI B1010800100

Currently to follow such requirements I have to build a separate input on a higher level, calculate values on a background and once user will execute a process data from one item will be transferred to the final one. However this is not an automatic option as sometimes users can amend data but don't execute the process which cause confusion and mistakes. Additionally in case there are several level of hierarchies I need to create several tables for input data and background phasing calculations in order to replicate breakback functionality.


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