Workspace Admin - Preview as a Model Role


As a Workspace Administrator, I would like the ability to "preview" models as if I were a assigned to a model role (other than 'full access') without the Workspace Admin privileges. 


As a Workspace Admin, I can assign myself to any model role and preview what the model will look like for those end-users. However, still being a Workspace Admin, doing a full preview of the model as an end-user is limited by the fact that I still have additional access they will not have. Some functions of the model I can still view and action on just because I am a Workspace Admin (regardless of my model role).


For example: If I create and save an import action that I would like a model role to be able to execute on as an end-user, I cannot fully test that the action will perform as intended for them without first having my Workspace Admin privileges removed. Regardless of the model role I am assigned to, as a Workspace Admin I will have a different experience performing the action than someone who has the same model role but is not a Workspace Admin. 


There are only 2 Workspace Admins within my company, so relying on that other person to toggle my Workspace Admin access on and off can sometimes be difficult and slow down progress of model building. 

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  • Great idea Taylor!  Where I usually find this tripping me up is when it comes to DCA restricted cells.  As a workspace admin, I can run an import action into those read only cells but when an end user tries to execute that same action the data will be ignored.  I think having the ability to preview would be helpful in testing and validation as creating a separate non-admin account isn't always feasible (given scope issues).

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