CoE - Monitoring Licences / Workspaces / Models (Anaplan Model)


Intro: As best practice, you recommend the use of a Center of Excellence to fully support Anaplan in organizations. As part of a CoE, I could not agree more with all benefits that came out following the implementation.


Description: What is missing for us is the monitoring of our Licences, Models and Workspaces. As the number of models are increasing, the CoE should be able to report about global Anaplan consumption within the company. I had in mind an Anaplan Model dedicated to the monitoring of all our Workspaces / Models and Licences. Each morning, I can connect to the Model and analyzing variations of sizes for my Models, why Model A increased by 20GB during the night, the creations of users, why the number of Model Builders increased for this particular Model.

I know you also have more details about users, time in the Model, last log in etc. It would be so efficient for the CoE to analyze more deeply the activity around Models and build a robust reporting to the Top Management.



  • Enhance Anaplan image in the organization thanks to a closer monitoring of the activity.
  • Increase the Anaplan Community thanks to the CoE (bring more visibility).
  • Reduce extracosts due to "Ghost Users" (that sometimes do not even belong to the company, or regarding the last 6 months use of the Model)
  • Optimize Workspaces (size) and target more internal training if needed.
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  • Status changed to: On Roadmap
  • Thanks @Romain_Colin! This is something we're actively working on, rolling out a tool that our AoA team currently uses (Anaplan's internal Anaplan CoE). Stay tuned for more (subscribe to the CoE section of Community, which is where this will launch, if you haven't already).

    Also as a short-term workaround, this offering is part of our Hypercare support package, which is an add-on to your current subscription with additional cost.

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