Time Display of Line Items Formatted based on Time Formatting in the Module


Treat line items in a dashboard based on the Time Formatting in the module when displaying data.

For a simple example, I have a customer code, customer name, and its monthly revenue in a module. I only want to see the customer code and customer name at the beginning once, as it is does not have time applied to it, but I would like it inline with the Revenue Data.

Currently in order to do this, you have to organize the model with the line items with time along the column/top, then hide all Qtrs, Mths, Yrs, except 1 for the N/A line items, and you will lose the formatting on model roll overs (yearly in my case). I have not been able to create a dynamic filter to do this.

The solution in my opinion would be to double list the N/A line item Name for both the Line item area and the time portion of the display if the line items and time are placed on the same side of the grid. Example in Anaplan I have both Line Items and Time in the top/columns section and my customer list on the row/horizontal display. The new method of displaying data would have the Customer Name in the time row, and in the line item row at the top, and I would be able to shift the line items/time around with the current formatting of how Anaplan Functions. There would be a boolean check box that allows for the information to be duplicated for every time instance for the row/column that the time if so desired.

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